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The Governing Body

Newport Primary School has a very supportive and pro-active Governing Body. The group consists of Local Authority members, community members, staff members and parents/carers.
The Governing Body have many important duties and responsibilities that link closely to the continuous provision at Newport Primary School.

Ms Tracy Harvey – Community Chair of Governors
My name is Tracy Harvey and I am a Local Authority (LA) Governor at Newport Primary School. I have been a Governor here since 2013.  My interest in becoming a Governor at Newport Primary School is because I believe that Newport Primary is an exceptional School and I greatly enjoy being a school governor. These are difficult times for public services and education in particular. It is for those reasons I am fully committed to assist the Head and her staff where I can to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.  Being a Governor is a wonderful opportunity to play a part in providing the best education for the children who go to this school. As a former pupil, it is rewarding to find myself in a position where I can give something back to the school and the community it serves.
Steffi Dearlove – Local Authority Governor
My name is Steffi Dearlove, and I am a new Local Authority Governor at Newport Primary school. I was interested in becoming a Governor at Newport as I feel that the school plays an essential role in the local community, through educating, developing and enriching the lives of its pupils, and their associated families – and am looking forward to contributing to raising the achievement of these pupils.
Mrs Melanie Daley – Newport Staff Governor
My name is Melanie Daley and I am a Staff Governor at Newport Primary School.  I have been a Governor here for 10 years.  I was interested in becoming a Governor at Newport Primary School because I am very proud of our children and I wanted to be part of our School development.  Standards are paramount and we must endeavour to achieve the best for our children.
Miss Jackie Smith – Parent Governor
My name is Jackie Smith and I am a Parent Governor at Newport Primary School.  I was interested in becoming a Governor at Newport Primary School because I was very keen to find out more about the school and how the internal workings impact on my child’s learning.
Miss Patricia McGill – Head Teacher Governor
As Head Teacher of Newport Primary School, I am delighted to have such a strong, enthusiastic and challenging team of Governors to support me in the continued development and improvement of provision of education for all of our pupils
Miss Siobhan Gazeley – Co-Opted Community Governor
My name is Siobhan Gazeley and I recently joined Newport Primary School as a co-opted community governor. I became interested in education and schools through a previous role at work and decided to become a governor to get involved in a school in my local community. I’m really pleased I’ve been able to join Newport Primary and have the opportunity to support such an exciting and dedicated school.  I’m looking forward to working with the staff and governing body to ensure every pupil at Newport Primary receives the best possible education and is supported to achieve their potential.
Mrs Abida Nayyer – Parent Governor
I Abida Nayyar was elected as parent governor in 2014.  I believe that parental role in school and children’s learning is very important so I used my ideas, educational background and multilingual communication skill for community wellbeing.  I am very happy to be involved myself with school activities and children’s support events.  I always try to give my full commitment to school when it’s required.  I will continue to support and challenge the leadership team to help to achieve the best possible schooling experience for our children and for Newport to continue to be one of the best schools in the country.

Governing Body of Newport Primary

Register of Business / Pecuniary Interest Trust Board Member / Governor / Staff

Name of Governor Category & Position of Responsibility Appointed by & Term of Office Nature of Business Interest / other Educational Establishments Relationship to Staff Date of Interest Registered Date Interest Ceased Date of Signature Notes
Tracy Harvey Chair Foundation Trust 01.09.14 – 31.08.18 Middlesbrough Co-operative Trust
Elected Member CAB Middlesbrough Environment City
Groundwork North East
Erimus Housing
None 13.12.16 13.12.16
Siobhan Gazeley Authority Governing Body
24.09.15 – 23.09.19
Department for Education None 13.12.16 13.12.16
Stephanie Dearlove Co-opted Governing Body
01.12.15 – 30.11.19
Teesside University None 13.12.16 13,12,16
Patricia McGill Staff Elected 01.09.14 – 31.08.18 None 13.12.16
Ann-Marie Coulton Co-opted Governing Body 01.06.15 – 31.05.19 CWO Tees Rowing Club (Voluntary) None 13.12.16 13.12.16
Melanie Daley  Co-opted Governing Body 10.09.14 – 09.09.18 None 13.12.16
Deborah McClelland Community 12.12.17 Cleveland Police None 12.12.17 12.12.17
Lisa Poole Community 12.12.17 NHS None 12.12.17 12.12.17
Abida Nayyar Parent Re-elected 12.12.17 – 11.12.21 None 13.12.16
Jacqueline Smith Foundation Governor Trust 01.09.14 – 31.08.18 None 13.12.16



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