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Extended Provision

Extended School Provision is the term used to describe additional services and provision which we offer as a school or in partnership with other providers outside of the normal school day. By utilising the services of our Breakfast Club and After School Club, pupils can be on site from 8am – 4:30pm.

Breakfast Club

We run a very successful and popular breakfast club. Breakfast Club opens at 8am, with breakfast being served until 8:15am. Pupils remain in Breakfast Club until 8:50am when they are able to enter their classrooms. For just 50p per day, pupils are provided with breakfast with a choice of cereal, toast, crumpets, pancakes, breakfast bar and juice, and then participate in a range of supervised activities (drawing and colouring, wii games and various activities).

All pupils are invited to join the Breakfast Club. If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club come along each day at 8:00am.

We are also lucky enough to be working with ‘Magic Breakfast’ who have received funding through the DfE to provide children with a healthy breakfast. Toasted bagels are prepared freshly every morning and are provided in classrooms for all children to make sure that everybody gets a great start to the day!

After School Clubs

Our After School Club runs on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and is available for children from Reception to Year 6. We have a range of after school activities available including cookery, gardening, homework club, games and sporting activities. All of our activities are organised and managed by our own staff.  The cost per session is £1.00 per child.  Places are available termly on a first come first served basis. Please look out for your children bringing letters home to avoid disappointment!

We do not charge for sports clubs which are funded by the PE and Sport funding provided by the Government. Sports clubs run on a different night for Key Stage one and Key Stage two – letters are sent out at the beginning of each term to sign up.  We also run a Football Club for children in Key Stage 2.  As with the After School Club places are available termly and limited due to popularity. To see the gallery please click here

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