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School Councils

Our School Council are an extremely important part of Newport Primary School.  We meet regularly to discuss school issues and any upcoming initiatives and projects.  All Council members have a timetable duty throughout the week to listen to pupils views and suggestions for improvements across the school. 

Council members are timetabled throughout the year to support many school events, such as Parent’s evenings, school fayres and meeting important school visitors.  Members attend a meeting twice a year with the school cook to put forward menu suggestions from the pupils.  We also arrange fundraisers each term to raise funds for additional school equipment and games.

Rights Respecting Ambassadors

The rights respecting ambassadors, who were selected by their peers within school, plan, organise and deliver initiatives. This includes leading assemblies, organising charity events for chosen charities and being the pupil voice in schools decisions.  Some important issues raised and covered by the team have been digital resilience, pupil voice and links with the wider community.  Wearing a different coloured, purple jumper with a logo designed by the children themselves, the children are easily identifiable within school. 


Sports council is made up of group of children across Key Stage 2.  The role of the council is to promote healthy living and physical well-being. They meet regularly to discuss ideas for how to get our children active and fit. Sports Council members help out in school at sporting events and also help the younger children with playground games at break and lunchtimes.  You can spot the Sports Council members by their bright yellow t-shirts!


Our school Eco-Council try to make Newport School as Eco friendly as possible!  We meet every few weeks and the committee is run by both adults and pupils.  We have daily duties which involve emptying the recycling bags and fruit bins and we help ensure that taps and lights are not left on in classrooms. 

Last year we were awarded our Eco-Schools silver award which we are very proud of.  We now have our own school Eco code and the whole school supports this by participating in whole school projects such as Waste Week and after school gardening clubs.  Please help us continue to reduce waste, recycle, reduce water wastage and look after our school grounds.

Friendship Council

Friendship is the golden ribbon that ties the world together.”

Kristina Kentigian

We have a Friendship Council who are a group of pupils chosen from Year 4 to Year 6.  The children are trained in playing playground games, communication skills, listening and understanding and peer mediation.  The Friendship Council play a very important role in “being there for others” at playtime.  They are very approachable, smiley, caring group of Newport pupils.  They wear a hi-visibility waistcoat and a peer mediation badge when they are on friendship duty and are always on hand at playtimes to show children how to play playground games, be friends to children who have no-one to play with and to help sort out any minor disagreements between children. 

Every Tuesday morning the Friendship Council get together for a meeting to feedback how the week has gone, resolve issues and discuss new ideas for fun and friendly playtimes.

Language Ambassadors

Our language ambassadors are a group of children who act as interpreters for other children within the school. They wear an orange lanyard stating which language(s) they speak so adults and children in school know who to go to when they need some help.

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